Dr. Myle Munroe

Founder of Bahamas Faith Ministries Int'l



Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI)

Bahamas Faith Ministries International is a legally established non-profit company registered under the Companies Act of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

BFMI oversees a network of ministries and agencies that provide for the recruitment, development, training and release of purpose-driven, spiritually sound, character-based, and confident individuals motivated by their conscious responsibility to maximize their inherent leadership potential.

BFMI is not a church or denomination, but serves as a Christian Growth and Resource Centre, a charismatic teaching fellowship, and an International Outreach Centre.

A Governing Board is responsible for the management and control of the affairs of BFMI. Members of the BFMI Board of Governors are:
    • Dr. Dave Burrows,Senior Pastor
    • Pas. Kersch Darville,Fellowship pastor
    • Pas. Sheena Pinder, Co-Pastor/Executive Director
    • Pas. Henry G. Francis, Senior Vice President/Managing Director-Finance
    • Pas. Deborah Bartlett, Managing Director-Media & Communications
    • Pas. Arnold Farquharson, Managing Director-Security & Transportation
    • Pas. Patrick Rolle, Executive Director/Pastor
    • Pas. Jay Mullings, Managing Director – Conferences/Conventions/Seminars


BFMI Aministrative/Management

Bahamas Faith Ministries International Administrative and Management Framework including the Council of Management (Board of Governors)
    • Council of Management (Board of Governors)
    • President/Chairman/Senior Vice President –Sr. Pastor/Pastor
    • Vice President-Operations
    • Board of Directors –Enterprise/Fellowship
    • Executive Directors
    • Managing Director/Finance -COO/DED
    • Managing Director-COO/DDIC
    • Managing Director-COO/Conferences/Conventions/Seminars
    • Church Administrator –CA
    • Management Councils –Enterprise/Fellowship
    • Chief Operations Manager-(Company)
    • Business Support Managers –Enterprise Divisions
    • Consultative Committee
    • Administration Manager – Enterprise/Departments
    • Assistant Pastor-Fellowship Division
    • Associate Pastor-Fellowship Ministry Department


The Role of the Board of Governors

The Council of Management (Board of Governors) is responsible for the BFMI vision, goals and all policy matters and the general direction of Bahamas Faith Ministries International. All administrative and operational policies must be approved by the Council of Management and issued to all companies, divisions and departments for implementation.


The Role of the BFMI President/Senior Pastor

The president is the chairman of the BFMI Board of Governors and senior pastor of BFMI Fellowship. He is the visionary of the ministry, and his formal duties as chairman/senior pastor are set out elsewhere in the BFMI Policy & Procedure Manual.
The president/senior pastor is accountable to the Holy Spirit and the BFMI Board of Regent.


The Role of the Senior Vice President/Pastor

The role of the senior vice president/BFMI pastor is to assist the president in the coordination and monitoring of all activities of BFMI with particular emphasis on the administration of the BFMI Fellowship. He deputizes in the absence of the president/chairman.
The senior vice president is accountable to the president/chairman/senior pastor for all aspects of his responsibilities.


The Role of the Boards of Directors/Executive Directors - (Enterprise/Fellowship)

Bahamas Faith Ministries International Boards of Directors and Executive Directors are responsible for communicating BFMI goals, objectives and all policy matters, ( Ministry leadership, the development of BFMI Strategies, planning, coordinating, facial matters and the integrated management of all Strategic enterprises and Fellows~ units. It is the external focal point for BFMI communication and accountability.
The BFMI Board of Directors/Executive Directors integrate the Ministry budget, determine long-term institutional investment strategy, set BFMI policy and standards and ensure the Ministry functional management. The BFMI Board of Directors/Executive Directors define the Strategic Enterprises, the Fellowship Divisions/Departments and are responsible for reviewing requirements, allocating resources, assessing performances, and setting investment goals across the organization. The Executive Management Authority for BFMI resides with the Board of Directors/Executive Directors, Managing Director (COO/DED), Managing Director (COO), DDIC, Managing Director (CCS),the Church Administrator, the Business Support Manager, and Administrative Managers. They are advised and supported by the Management Officer (Councils).


The Role of the Managing Directors/DED.DDIC.CCS/Church Administrator (CA)

The Chief Operation Officers and the Church Administrator formulate functional leadership plans with their respective Company, Divisions and Departments and implement the Ministry's Strategic Plan, improve Ministry management, and respond to new external direction. The COOS and the Church Administrator leadership; establish the overall purpose and direction of all functional activities, including goals and objectives and performance metrics or indicators used to assess success. Each plan must include a general description of required functional initiatives deemed necessary to implement the Ministry strategic plans and mandates. The Executive Management Officers (Councils) receives presentation of and concurs with the COOS and the Church Administrator's plans - the Boards of Directors and Executive Directors must approve them.

Following presentation to and concurrence with the Chief Operations Officers and Church Administrator leadership plans by the respective Executive Management Council and approval by the Board of Directors/Executive Directors, all decision and directions are to be documented for guidance and in the case of new policies for coordination and dissemination, the COOS and Church Administrator's office also ensure that the appropriate metrics or performance indicators are developed to evaluate functional performance.

The Managing Director/DED, the Managing Director DDIC, Managing Director (CCS) and the Church Administrator (CA) are accountable to the Board Directors/Executive Directors for the leadership necessary to achieve BFMI'S Mission. This leadership requires articulation of BFMI'S Vision, setting its programs, budget priorities and internal policies and assessing the Ministry's performance.